Sunday, March 17, 2013


Children need encouragement
to be the best they can be;
The impression that we have of them
is most likely what they will see.

We need to be always careful
about everything that we say,
Because the effect can make them view
themselves in a different way.

By always displaying our love for them,
being careful to never neglect,
We will help them to show their love for others
and treat them with respect.

Praising children for doing good things,
not nagging about each mistake,
Will help them to build self-confidence—
what a difference that can make!

Connie Arnold, excerpt of Abiding Hope & Love


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Beautiful poem, Connie... AND the message is so so so true. So many children these days don't get the support needed especially from their parents and families.

They also need the boundaries that make life better and safer for all --and they need to learn respect for others. So much of this is gone --when looking at children now. SAD!!!!


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Connie - you're so right .. encouragement is what children need. Mind you we could encourage ourselves and others to always be positive and imbue those thought processes throughout our lives ... easier said than done -but starting with children and continuing on ...

Such a lovely expression of encouragement ... cheers Hilary

Unknown said...

hi connie, this is very nice poetry of encouragement for children. amazing.

lil red hen said...

This is so true! I've seen the effects produced by constant nagging and what it can do to a child's self importance. If only grown ups could realize what happens when they put down a child.