Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review of Signs of Trouble by Janet Ann Collins

Signs of Trouble is a story about two young girls who accidentally get separated from their class while visiting a mall. Although they are scared, they remember what their teacher had taught them they needed to do if they ever got lost. The girls follow this important advice and provide a valuable lesson for children reading the book as they are being entertained by the situations and the girls' reactions in the story.

Jack Foster's colorful and expressive illustrations make the girls' emotions even more evident during their suspenseful experience.

Janet Collins has done a fine job of providing an entertaining and educational way to help teach young children about safety. It is another of the many quality children's books published by Guardian Angel Publishing.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Let Your Teeth Show

Jesse has such lovely teeth,
So sparkling, clean and white.
To keep them that way
He brushes each day,
Each morning and every night.

Jesse has a very nice smile.
It's something I like to see
When his lips don't hide
Those nice teeth inside
As he flashes his smile at me.

Everyone needs to brush their teeth
To keep them healthy and clean.
When you brush you know
You can let your teeth show,
So smile and let them be seen!

February is National Children's Dental Health Month. Keeping teeth clean is an important part of staying healthy. A friend of mine, Donna Shepherd, has a cute book called NO MORE GUNK! that helps children learn to take care of their teeth through peppy and clever rhymes. It is filled with bright, bold, colorful illustrations by Kevin Collier and is a fun way to remind children to brush their teeth. As an added bonus, the book also includes OUCH! SUNBURN, which teaches children about sun safety. Guardian Angel Publishing (who published my Animal Sound Mix-up) is the publisher. You can visit Donna's NO MORE GUNK! blog for coloring pages, book trailer and links.

Let Your Teeth Show

Friday, February 11, 2011

Reviews, Anyone?

I plan to start posting periodic reviews of young children's books and will begin by sharing the most recent review I received for my Animal Sound Mix-up.