Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Months

Near the end of December winter begins –
Brr!  It is getting quite cold.
The temperature drops (as leaves already have),
And the year is growing quite old.

Through January winter continues –
Brrr!  It is really cold now.
There sometimes is snow, maybe sleet and ice;
We go as the weather will allow.

Winter remains through February –
Brrr!  Days are of the coldest sort.
We seldom will want to be outside,
But at least this month is short.

In March the end of winter arrives –
Ahh!  Now that’s not so bad.
Life is returning to growing things;
The flowers and warmth make me glad!

© Connie Arnold

Winter is good for snowmen, but not for me. I'm always ready for spring and warmer weather to arrive. Do you like winter?