Friday, October 19, 2012

A Raccoon in a Rocket and Birthday Wishes

 This poem was written in honor of my blogging friend Lenny's birthday on October 20. Happy birthday, Lenny! Of course, I began it with a raccoon. Hope you enjoy the poem and have a terrific birthday!

Hope all who can will take a moment to pop by Lenny's World to wish Lenny a happy birthday and enjoy his great blog. Some things I like about Lenny and his blog are the sunshine he shares, enjoyable, fun posts, his knowledge about writing, his enthusiasm and willingness to share, and his sense of humor.

A raccoon and a mouse went for a ride

  with an alligator by their side.
They flew in a rocket to outer space,
and each of them had a grin on his face.
They watched the earth far below,
higher and higher they seemed to go.
They rocketed upward, mile after mile,
and each of them continued to smile.

The raccoon was obviously in command,
and only he knew what was planned.
Mouse and alligator waited to see,
and the whole adventure filled them with glee.

If you happen to see that rocket go by
with the raccoon flying way up high, 
you can be sure their adventure's not done.
Alligator and mouse are still having fun! 

Hope you are having fun too, Lenny! Blessings to you always!