Monday, March 28, 2011

Children's Book Recommendations

Do you have young children, grandchildren or other young children that you want to find quality books to give? I though it might be helpful to you to have some recommendations. It helps me in finding good books for my three young grandsons. It's so important to develop a love for books and reading at an early age. My first grader is well above average on his reading and has always loved books. The kindergartner is coming along great with his learning to read and is fascinated by books. The three year old has trouble keeping his attention on a book unless it's very short and exciting. Need to work more on that one!

Here is a list of books on Amazon that I highly recommend. I've also mentioned some others on this blog, One Pelican at a Time, Signs of Trouble, NO MORE GUNK! and OUCH, SUNBURN! Of course, I can't fail to mention my own Animal Sound Mix-up!

Do you know of any books for young children you'd like to recommend? Please feel free to share them!

Monday, March 21, 2011

One Pelican at a Time

Guardian Angel Publishing (the publisher of my Animal Sound Mix-up) has recently released a new children's book, One Pelican at a Time, by Nancy Stewart and illustrated by Samantha Bell. This is the first US children's book about the oil spill last year. It tells the story of two girls who try to help save the life of a pelican covered by oil. Also included are facts about the spill and tips. It's a great way for children to learn that they can make a difference!

Be sure to check out all the wonderful books for children available from Guardian Angel Publishing. They are also available from Amazon, and other booksellers. Also of interest are GAP Family Blog and Guardian Angel Kids Ezine. Enjoy!