Friday, May 29, 2015

Magical Mea Goes to School

Penelope Cole's new children's book, Magical Mea Goes to School, follows her previous Magical Mea and Magical Matthew books about a sister and brother who have magical powers to fix things that are broken. Mea has learned that she has this ability which her brother Matthew had, and he is trying to help her learn to use it for good and to keep it a secret. Mea has so many other things she wants to do and doesn't want to take time for the lessons Matthew hopes to give her. She would rather play, but her brother, his friend Lily, and their grandmother all know that Mea has a tendency to want to play tricks and has gotten into trouble in the past. They want to help her learn to do the right thing.

Once again Kevin Collier has provided the vibrant and exciting illustrations which really enhance the story and characters.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hugs and kisses

Friends are important and hugs are grand.
Share a hug and show that you understand.
Give a kiss to someone who is dear,
and the love you feel will be made quite clear.