Monday, October 14, 2013

Ten Singing Birds

In celebration of my soon to be released new children's book, Count 1,2,3 With Me, I thought you might enjoy my counting poem about birds. Enjoy!
A little brown robin, alone, the only one,
Was sitting on a branch, singing in the sun.
 Along came a bird whose feathers were blue
To join in the song, so then there were two.
The robin and the bluebird, singing in the tree,
Were joined by a sparrow, to make a trio of three.
Each time a bird joined there was one more than before,
So when a blackbird came, suddenly there were four.
A noisy mockingbird who had started to dive
Joined them on the branch to form a singing group of five.
A little wren making a nest with some sticks
Flew over to join them, and then there were six.
A brave meadowlark, flying up to heaven,
Swooped down beside them, and together that made seven.
A bright red cardinal, perched on a gate,
Came to sing with them to form an octet of eight.
The song they were singing sounded so fine
A chickadee joined them to make the count nine.
An oriole joined the other birds and then
Their song was sung by a total of ten.

© Connie Arnold