Friday, December 16, 2011

Sweet Christmas Stories

Dixie Phillips is a talented author who has written several children's books that are lovely, entertaining, and provide valuable lessons for children about Jesus.  Two of them are especially appropriate for this time of year. 

One of these sweet stories is Baby Jesus is Missing! It is the story of a boy who discovers that baby Jesus is missing from the manger scene in his home. He is understandably upset because, after all, what is Christmas without Jesus? His parents, however, are too caught up in trying to win a Christmas decoration contest to pay attention. It takes the love and simple faith of a child to help them realize the true meaning of Christmas. The lovely illustrations by K.C. Snider add a special touch to the story as well.

Angel eyes is the story of Jesus coming to earth at Christmas as seen by two young angels. It is told in a creative and imaginative way that will capture children's attention and help them learn about the Christmas story and the life of Jesus and what it means, not only to the whole world, but to them as well. The bright, sweet illustrations by Kim Sponaugle help draw the reader in along with the story.

These books are both published by Guardian Angel Publishing and are available from there and Amazon - Baby Jesus is Missing and Angel Eyes. Read more from Dixie on her blog, "From the Heart of Dixie."

Sharing books like these with children is a great way to help them learn what Christmas is really about. May we regain a childlike faith as shown in these stories, and rejoice in the special blessing that Christmas brings.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gunther, the Underwater Elephant

Doesn't that name grab your attention? And look at that sweet little elephant floating under the water! Ginger Neilson has written and illustrated an adorable children's book about a small elephant named Gunther who discovers he can float and swim underwater, holding his trunk up like a snorkel to breathe. He has been playing with his bigger cousins, and when they are distracted he floats away. Gunther is pleasantly surprised at how he can swim and breathe, and also at all he sees under the water as he floats along. Children will be delighted along with Gunther as they enjoy the beautifully illustrated, colorful pages of undersea scenes.

When night comes, Gunther falls asleep and wakes up washed up on what seems to be an island, surrounded by water. He is feeling frightened and alone until he meets a surprising new friend, who comes to his aid and leads him on a new adventure.

Gunther, the Underwater Elephant is filled with page after page of lovely underwater areas and creatures that will capture children's imaginations along with the creative story. And although it is a fun story, it also has a couple of important lessons to impart.

Published by 4RV Publishing, Gunther, the Underwater Elephant is also available from Amazon. You can visit Ginger at her blog.

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Sister is My Best Friend

Do you have a sister? I do, and although we live far apart, we remain close friends and talk or email often. 

Author Nicole Weaver has sisters and has written a lovely book about two sisters who are also best friends. It's a sweet story about twins girls who enjoy doing things together. They do the types of fun things that young girls like to do, such as play with dolls and their dog, ride on a seesaw,  and help their mother with the flower garden. The best thing about what they are doing is that they are spending time with each other. Although children sometimes have disagreements and fight with each other, this story focuses on the positive aspects of being sisters and friends. The bright illustrations by Clara Batton Smith display the colorful clothing and the girls' surroundings in a pleasing and attractive way.

An added bonus to this book is that each page is written in three languages. The first is English, then the same thing is repeated it Spanish and again in French. It's an excellent opportunity to be exposed to different languages and learn new words, for children and adults as well.

My Sister is My Best Friend is available from Guardian Angel Publishing and Amazon. You can learn more about Nicole on her website and visit her blog, Melange of Cultures.

Please feel free to share about your siblings and your relationship with them!