Thursday, May 31, 2012

Disability, Klutziness and Sleepiness - Oh My!

Author J. Aday Kennedy has two recently released children's books from Guardian Angel Publishing that are delightful to read and provide valuable lessons as well.

Buster Bear and Uncle B is about a boy named Ham with a special fondness for his Uncle Brian and the toy bear his uncle gave him. Uncle B is coming for a visit, which fills Ham with excitement. His mother reminds Ham that his uncle was getting out of the hospital because he had been hurt while serving in Iraq. Upon the arrival of Uncle B, Ham is suddenly subdued when seeing his beloved uncle in a wheelchair. It takes a while for Ham to understand that Uncle B is still the same person he always was even though he is now paralyzed. Uncle B has learned new ways to have fun, and they have a great time playing together and sharing their love. This sweet story provides a great lesson for children about understanding and accepting people with disabilities.

J. Aday has a special insight into Uncle B's life since she is paralyzed herself. Like the character in her story, she overcomes her difficulties with grace, humor and faith. This is a wonderful story for children to enjoy and learn about handicaps and treating all people with respect.

Marina Movshina's illustrations very expressively help to convey the emotions and activities throughout the story. There is also a teacher's guide for Buster Bear and Uncle B with information about Jessica Aday, activities and tips for better understanding of disabilities, questions and games.

J. Aday's newest book is Cobbledom's Curse, a cute story about a flying horse, an elf and a leprechaun. Kantor Pegasus, a character from J. Aday's book, Klutzy Kantor, is once again struck with a klutziness curse by Cobbledom Leprechaun. In the midst of a klutzy frolic through the woods, he runs into a sleepy little elf, who is unable to sleep due to the same leprechaun's evil deed. Children will giggle over their adventures and find that what may save these two is cooperation and putting the other one's needs above their own. It provides a fun lesson for children about helping each other and not being selfish.

The bright, colorful illustrations by Jack Foster are adorable and are sure to capture a child's eye and imagination. You can enjoy more of Jack's art on his blog, Jacktoons.

Hope you have enjoyed the reviews of these two very different books that do have something in common - a good lesson for children and that they are written by the same versatile and talented artist, J. Aday Kennedy. Click on her name to visit Aday's website. These books and others are available from Guardian Angel Publishing and Amazon.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Children Enjoying Summer

Although it's not summer yet, it will be here before long. Do you like summer? I do, except when it gets extremely hot! I think most children really enjoy summer, with their break from school and time to have fun and play. My grandchildren will be out of school for summer vacation in just a few weeks, so I thought I'd post this poem about children enjoying summer. Can you picture children doing this?

Children in the summer
Love to laugh and play,
Making the most
Of each bright summer day,
Enjoying the bliss
Of a warm day in June,
Happily playing
And singing a tune,
Laughing with abandon
In the freedom of July,
With red, rosy cheeks
And a sparkle in the eye,
Whirling and twirling
In a flash of legs and arms,
Singing and dancing,
Displaying all their charms,
Sailing through summer,
Faces happy and bright,
Expressing their enjoyment
With squeals of delight.

 © Connie Arnold 
excerpt from A Symphony of Seasons 

This is an excerpt from my newly released poetry book, A Symphony of Seasons, my second book published by RPJ and Company. I'm also pleased to announce that, in addition to my Animal Sound Mix-up, Guardian Angel Publishing has accepted two more children's books for future publication! I love writing for and about children, whether through my poetry books or picture books!

This post is part of a Book Launch Blog Tour for A Symphony of Seasons May 1 - 12, and the schedule for it is on my Inspirational Poetry of Joy and Peace blog. Hope you will visit some of the stops, and be sure to leave a comment to be entered into prize drawings for a Vivaldi Four Seasons CD and a hummingbird suncatcher wind chime.

A Symphony of Seasons may be purchased directly from my website to receive a signed copy, or from RPJ and Company, Amazon, or eBook from Smashwords - enter code QX77N for 1/2 price offer through May 31.

Summer will be here soon. Are you ready to have some fun?