Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ferdinand Frog's Flight

Since I enjoy rhymes so much and like reading rhyming books to my grandsons, I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to review a new picture book written by Marvin Mayer, illustrated by Stephen Macquignon and published by 4RV Publishing. Ferdinand Frog's Flight fills all the qualifications of what I'm looking for in a fun picture book!

Ferdinand is a sad frog. He doesn't like having to stay on the ground but has always wanted to fly. He is jealous of birds, who can soar above the trees. Although the birds try to convince Ferdinand that frogs belong on the ground and that things are not always fun for them, he remains unconvinced. When Ferdinand meets a helpful eagle, it appears his wish will come true. He is in for a surprise when he takes the big leap.

The flowing rhythm, catchy rhymes and expressive illustrations are added attractions to this delightful tale that soars with anticipation and suspense. Children can relate to Ferdinand with his dream and learn along with him on his adventure.

Ferdinand Frog's Flight can be purchased from 4RV or Amazon.

Don't you agree this is a fun book for young children? The bonus is that it's also fun to read!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Giving Meadow

The Giving Meadow by Stephanie Burkhart is an adorable book about the cute little caterpillar shown on the cover above. Now, I'm not a big fan of bugs, in fact I tend to take off in the opposite direction when I see one. But look at that sweet face! There is nothing disgusting about this bug, and the story is as friendly as the caterpillar is.

This new little fellow has emerged from his egg hungry and hunting something to eat. He makes his way across a meadow, looking for something to eat each day since he is growing rapidly and getting hungrier and hungrier. As he inches along, the caterpillar encounters several different creatures and requests something to eat each time. None of them has much food but all have a generous spirit. He fills his tummy and makes new friends until one day he disappears into a cocoon.

Children will be drawn into the suspense and the surprise along with the caterpillar's friends, waiting to see what happens to him as they enjoy the bright and colorful illustrations by Stephen Macquignon along the way.

Often children are fascinated by insects, especially ones like this little fellow who has such a transforming experience! This is a good book for helping young children learn about how caterpillars change as well as a gentle lesson about sharing and caring.

The Giving Meadow is available from 4RV Publishing and Amazon. You can learn more about Stephanie and her books on her website.

Monday, November 7, 2011

November is Picture Book Month

November is Picture Book Month, a time to celebrate picture books and their importance in a child's life. Since this is the 11th month, I'd like to share with you recommendations for 11 children's books, with links to my review of each book and to the author's and artist's sites. First though, I'd like to share a poem with you!

Reading a book to a child is great fun,
a short one, a long one,
a rhyming, sing-song one,
one that has colorful, nice pictures, too
of animals, scenery,
earth, sky or sea, 
to offer enjoyment to your child and you!

illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier
 illustrated by Jack Foster

Horatio Humble Beats the Big D by Margot Finke
illustrated by Ellen Gurak

Klutzy Kantor by J. Aday Kennedy
 illustrated by Jack Foster

A Wish and a Prayer by Beth Bence Reinke
illustrated by Ginger Nielson

Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep by Kathy Stemke
illustrated by Jack Foster

Mr. Topper, the Potbellied Pig by Liam Maher
illustrated by Vanda Lavar

Where is Salami by Donna J. Shepherd
illustrated by Jack Foster

Trouble on Earth Day by Kathy Stemke

I Spy a Dragonfly by Carla Burke

And for the 11th picture book on the list, I couldn't forget  
Animal Sound Mix-up by Connie Arnold
illustrated by Kit Grady

Many more quality children's picture books can be found at Guardian Angel Publishing, 4RV Publishing, and Amazon.

Hope you find many opportunities to read picture books with a child this month and every month! What do you think are some of the advantages of sharing picture books with children at an early age?