Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Animal Fun

As you probably can tell from my own Animal Sound Mix-up, I love children's books about animals! I'm happy to share with you about an enjoyable animal book by Janet Halfmann.

Fur and Feathers is a picture book filled with fun, imagination and educational opportunities. A little girl named Sophia is counting animals to help her fall asleep. When she does, she dreams about a gusty wind that blows the fur and feathers off the animals. She pulls out her clothes to put on them, but they don't work very well and the animals are not happy with them. She very creatively makes new ones perfect for each creature by finding out the kind of covering each needs for the way it lives. The end of the book contains information about different classifications of animals. The charming illustrations are by Laurie Allen Klein. Click on cover above to see Fur and Feathers on Amazon, also available from Sylvan Dell Publishing.