Saturday, December 12, 2015

Mokey's New Friends

It is my joy to announce the release of my newest children's book, Mokey's New Friends, from Guardian Angel Publishing! This book, illustrated by Marina Movshina is intended for preschool, kindergarten and early elementary school children. It tells the story of a playful and friendly monkey named Mokey, the friends he makes and what he learns about others' different appearances and abilities not making a difference in their being friends.

Recent reviews for Mokey's New Friends state:

"I hope as a result of enjoying this warm and cheerful story, lots of children who read it or hear it read will consider making friends with kids who are different from themselves. I believe that will probably happen."
 Janet Ann Collins/Onwords Opening Eyes, Opening Hearts

"Marina Movshina’s water color artwork keeps the action moving. It’s clear that Mokey is adventurous, fun-loving, and open to new experiences."
Penny's Reviews and Chat

Mokey's New Friends joins the family of my other children's books and inspirational books which can be seen on Amazon or my websites, Children's Books and Poems and Inspirational Poetry Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Visiting Preschools

Visiting schools is a wonderful way to share books with children, give them enjoyment, teach them important life lessons, interact in a positive way and have fun while doing it! They teach us things as well while we are sharing.

My husband, Tom, and I have been doing quite a few visits recently and are so blessed by the little ones, their excitement and enthusiasm.

Here is an excerpt from each book that the children really like:

From Olive and the Great Flood:  "Olive trilled soft peaceful songs to help them sleep at night. When the ark tossed back and forth, her coos relieved their fright."

From Count 1,2,3 With Me:  "Eight legs help a spider to climb, which leaves a web behind each time. Mama Spider traps eight flies to eat. Spiders find bugs a tasty treat."

From Animal Sound Mix-up:  "What if in a pond on a log a quack was heard from a small frog? Or in a forest you could hear a honking sound come from a deer?" (Of course Tom's animal sounds make these mixed-up sounds even more delightful for the children!)

Looking at those sweet, smiling faces reminds me why I do what I do, and I am extremely thankful!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Children Enjoying Summer

Children in the summer 
Love to laugh and play, 
Making the most
Of each bright summer day, 
Enjoying the bliss
Of a warm day in June, 
Happily playing
And singing a tune, 
Laughing with abandon 
In the freedom of July, 
With red, rosy cheeks 
And a sparkle in the eye, 
Whirling and twirling
In a flash of legs and arms, 
Singing and dancing, 
Displaying all their charms, 
Sailing through summer, 
Faces happy and bright, 
Expressing their enjoyment 
With squeals of delight.

Excerpt of A Symphony of Seasons by Connie Arnold

Friday, May 29, 2015

Magical Mea Goes to School

Penelope Cole's new children's book, Magical Mea Goes to School, follows her previous Magical Mea and Magical Matthew books about a sister and brother who have magical powers to fix things that are broken. Mea has learned that she has this ability which her brother Matthew had, and he is trying to help her learn to use it for good and to keep it a secret. Mea has so many other things she wants to do and doesn't want to take time for the lessons Matthew hopes to give her. She would rather play, but her brother, his friend Lily, and their grandmother all know that Mea has a tendency to want to play tricks and has gotten into trouble in the past. They want to help her learn to do the right thing.

Once again Kevin Collier has provided the vibrant and exciting illustrations which really enhance the story and characters.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hugs and kisses

Friends are important and hugs are grand.
Share a hug and show that you understand.
Give a kiss to someone who is dear,
and the love you feel will be made quite clear.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Goodbye Gloomies

Goodbye Gloomies by Heather Tietz is an adorable picture book recently released by Guardian Angel Publishing. Don't you love the cover? The illustrations by Nancy Miller are like that, making you want to grin and giggle! Heather's delightful rhymes combine well with the illustrations to make a fun book for sharing with your little ones.

Everyone has times when they feel overcome by the "gloomies" and feel sad or irritated. Children certainly have those feelings, and this book explores many of the things that can bring on those "gloomies." Never fear though,  there is a cure for them! Find one's "happies" by looking for thankful things. Then the frowns are turned into smiles, a much more pleasant way to feel.

Goodbye Gloomies is available from Guardian Angel Publishing and Amazon

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blog Tour Conclusion and Prize Winners

It has been a great two weeks traveling from blog to blog and sharing about Olive and the Great Flood. Thank you so much to all who visited each of the blogs. If you are late coming in or missed any of the posts, you can find the schedule and links here.

A special thank you to each of the blog hosts who shared posts during this time. You are so much appreciated!

If anyone would like a signed copy of Olive and the Great Flood, personalized for your special little one, for a birthday or Easter gift, please visit my website. It is also available from Guardian Angel Publishing and Amazon.

All your comments have been so welcomed and enjoyable, and I am please to announce the winner of the prize drawing for a copy of my Animal Sound Mix-up is Michelle W. and of the dove wind chime is Carla B. Congratulations to you both!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Olive and the Great Flood Tour and Prizes

I am so pleased to let you know that my new children's book, Olive and the Great Flood, has been released by Guardian Angel Publishing. It is a rhyming picture book about the sweet dove that is sent out from Noah's ark to discover when there is dry land after the flood. She also has an important mission, to keep the animals calm during the storm and long ride. 

My Virtual  Book Tour will begin on Monday, the 16th, and the tour schedule is listed below. I hope you will visit as many of the blogs as you can. Prizes will be awarded at the conclusion on February 28, randomly drawn from among those commenting. The more different blogs you comment on, the more entries to the drawings you will receive! The prizes are shown below the blog schedule. You might want to bookmark this post to return and check the schedule. Feel free to share on facebook, twitter, etc., and leave a comment here to let me know and receive extra entries for the prizes!

Here is a sneak peak at a couple of the terrific illustrations by Kathleen Bullock. You can see more of her work by visiting her website.

God kept Olive and her mate and all of those inside
safe, protected, high and dry while floating on this ride.
Olive trilled soft peaceful songs to help them sleep at night.
When the ark tossed back and forth, her coos relieved their fright.

Olive and the Great Flood is available from Guardian Angel Publishing, Amazon, or a signed copy from my website.

Blog Tour Schedule

Monday, 2-16       Janet Sumner Johnson, Musings of a Children's Writer -
Tuesday, 2-17       Cheryl Malandrinos, Children's and Teen's Book Connection - review
                               Julie Arduini, The Surrendered Scribe
Wednesday, 2-18  Rosemary Marotta, Rosemary's Reading Circle
Thursday, 2-19     Susan Meyers, Susan's Thoughts and Ramblings
Friday, 2-20          Inspirational Poetry of Joy and Peace
                              Olive and Friends video
Saturday, 2-21     Janet Ann Collins, Onwords
Sunday, 2-22        Kimberly Standard, Stuff Could Always Be Worse
                               Interesting Animal Facts
Monday, 2-23       Mayra Calvani, Mayra's Secret Bookcase
Tuesday, 2-24       Robyn Campbell, Poet, Picture Book and Middle Grade Author  - interview
Wednesday, 2-25 Lynn Mosher, Encouraging the Heart~Uplifting the Soul 
                              Saved from the Storm
Thursday, 2-26    Donna McDine, Write What Inspires You
Friday, 2-27         Penelope Anne Cole, Penny's Reviews and Chat  - 
                              Donna McDine, Write What Inspires You - 
                              Illustrator's Story, Guest Post by Kathleen Bullard 
Saturday, 2-28     Blog Conclusion and prize winners announced, here


Autographed copy of my first children's book 

24K Gold Plated Wind Chime Sun Catcher Dove with clear Austrian Crystal

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Shadow of Fear

This is a story about a boy named Ben, who is ten years old. He wants to go to camp with his big brother, Tom, but his parents don’t think he should go because he is afraid of so many things and hasn’t behaved well at times. Ben decides to try to overcome his fears and ask himself what Jesus would do in the situations he faces.

Ben learns good lessons about faith and trust in God while facing his fears and also the difficulties some people face in life, such as his friend, Mary, who is in a wheelchair, and a homeless man he meets.

Children should be able to relate to Ben’s struggles to do the right thing and not be so fearful, learning that God loves and takes care of him. Readers will find satisfaction in how Ben’s simple longing to go to camp leads to important changes in him that positively affect others.

You can visit author Janet Ann Collins at her blog, Onwords and A Shadow of Fear may be purchased from Amazon.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Coming Soon!

It is my pleasure to share with you that my new children's picture book, Olive and the Great Flood, will soon be released by Guardian Angel Publishing, who also published my Animal Sound Mix-up. This is a story about the dove who flew out from Noah's Ark and the important job she had to do. Did you know that not only did she discover when the flood had gone down and it was safe for everyone to leave the ark, but she is also the one who helped the animals stay calm during that long ride? She also learned an important lesson about God's love and promise.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Kathleen Bullock. You can see more books she has illustrated for Guardian Angel Publishing. Watch for upcoming news about the release of Olive and the Great Flood!