Sunday, July 19, 2015

Children Enjoying Summer

Children in the summer 
Love to laugh and play, 
Making the most
Of each bright summer day, 
Enjoying the bliss
Of a warm day in June, 
Happily playing
And singing a tune, 
Laughing with abandon 
In the freedom of July, 
With red, rosy cheeks 
And a sparkle in the eye, 
Whirling and twirling
In a flash of legs and arms, 
Singing and dancing, 
Displaying all their charms, 
Sailing through summer, 
Faces happy and bright, 
Expressing their enjoyment 
With squeals of delight.

Excerpt of A Symphony of Seasons by Connie Arnold


Lisabella Russo said...

This is beautiful! The kids who live around here love summer so much, thank you for your lovely words!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Connie - lovely poem and how true for children .. that joy of getting up and doing what comes naturally ... their own thing with no worries ...

Yes - those were the days .. cheers Hilary

Connie Arnold said...

Thank you, Lisa and Hilary. Appreciate you both coming by and glad you like the poem!

DMS said...

Lovely poem! Makes me want to go back to the start of summer myself!: )

Connie Arnold said...

Thanks, Jess! Summer is almost gone now. It goes by too quickly, doesn't it?

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

The perfect poem for summer! Lovely!

Connie Arnold said...

Thank you, Sharon. Children are back in school now, but hopefully still filled with the memories and joys of the summer.